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Sample applications built using AWS' Amazon Machine Learning.
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Amazon Machine Learning Samples

Each subdirectory contains sample code for using Amazon Machine Learning. Refer to the file in each sub-directory for details on using each sample.

Targeted Marketing Samples

These samples show how to use the Amazon Machine Learning API for a targeted marketing application. This follows the "banking" dataset example described in the Developer Guide. There are three versions available:

Social Media and Amazon Mechanical Turk

This sample application shows how to use Amazon Mechanical Turk to create a labeled dataset from raw tweets, and then build a machine learning model using the Amazon Machine Learning API that predicts whether or not new tweets should be acted upon by customer service. The sample shows how to set up an automated filter using AWS Lambda that monitors tweets on an Amazon Kinesis stream and sends notifications whenever the ML Model predicts that a new tweet is actionable. Notifications go to Amazon SNS, allowing delivery to email, SMS text messages, or other software services.

Mobile Prediction Samples

These samples show how to use the Amazon Machine Learning API to make real-time predictions from a mobile device. There are two versions available:

K-fold Cross-validation Sample

This sample shows how to use the Amazon Machine Learning API to evaluate ML models using k-fold cross-validation.

Other tools

A collection of simple scripts to help with common tasks.


For assistance with using the Amazon Machine Learning Service, or these samples, please see the AWS Forums.

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