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Pizza Delivery Tracker

This sample project contains a map-based pizza ordering app with real-time tracking of your delivery. The browser-based frontend shows a map with your current location and lists all pizza places nearby. You can select one to order a pizza from there. Shortly after ordering, a delivery route is calculated and you can monitor the delivery progress in real-time while the pizza icon is moving closer and closer to your location on the map.

There are three main components:

  • Frontend: an AWS Amplify app written in TypeScript, using the Amazon Location Service to render a map and show pizza places with maplibre-js
  • Backend: a containerized web application written in JavaScript using NodeJS, hosted on AWS App Runner with a Amazon DynamoDB table as storage backend
  • Simulator: a containerized demo component to simulate the pizza location updates, using Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate and Amazon SQS

Each component can be deployed individually to your AWS account with infrastructure as code and detailed instructions.

This architecture diagram describes the individual components and resources:



  • Python 3 or later
    • check version with python3 -V
  • NodeJS 14 or later
    • check version with node --version
  • Docker or similar container engine
    • integrated with CDK constructs to build container images locally
  • CDK v2.8.0 or later
    • install aws-cdk via NPM: npm install -g aws-cdk, check version with cdk --version


All components can be deployed using CDK. Some resources are created and passed to the next component. Please deploy in this order:

  • Deploy simulator
    • see simulator/
  • Deploy backend
    • see backend/
    • use SQS URL and ARN and Location Tracker name and ARN from simulator
  • Deploy frontend
    • see frontend/
    • use App Runner URL from backend


See CONTRIBUTING for more information.

Please see the security sections for each component for additional deployment considerations.


This library is licensed under the MIT-0 License. See the LICENSE file.

Emoji SVG files designed by OpenMoji – the open-source emoji and icon project. License: CC BY-SA 4.0


Pizza Delivery Tracker using AWS Amplify, Amazon Location Service, AWS AppRunner, and AWS Fargate.



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