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Image recognition service for re:Invent 2019 DOP336 session
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Demo app for re:Invent 2019 - DOP336

Serverless app infrastructure with the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK)

CDK installation

If you haven't done so already, you need to install CDK. This requires that NodeJS be installed. Version 10 or later of NodeJS is supported. Run npm install -g aws-cdk to install it.

Set up virtualenv

This project is set up like a standard Python project. The initialization process also creates a virtualenv within this project, stored under the .env directory. To create the virtualenv it assumes that there is a python3 (or python for Windows) executable in your path with access to the venv package. If for any reason the automatic creation of the virtualenv fails, you can create the virtualenv manually.

To manually create a virtualenv on MacOS and Linux:

$ python3 -m venv .env

After the init process completes and the virtualenv is created, you can use the following step to activate your virtualenv.

$ source .env/bin/activate

If you are a Windows platform, you would activate the virtualenv like this:

% .env\Scripts\activate.bat

Install Python packages

Once the virtualenv is activated, you can install the required dependencies.

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

At this point you can now deploy the CloudFormation template for this code.

$ cdk synth

To add additional dependencies, for example other CDK libraries, just add them to your file and rerun the pip install -r requirements.txt command.

Useful commands

  • cdk ls list all stacks in the app
  • cdk synth emits the synthesized CloudFormation template
  • cdk deploy deploy this stack to your default AWS account/region
  • cdk diff compare deployed stack with current state
  • cdk docs open CDK documentation


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