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iOS SDK for Amazon FreeRTOS Bluetooth Devices
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iOS SDK for Amazon FreeRTOS Bluetooth Devices


Using the iOS SDK for Amazon FreeRTOS Bluetooth Devices, you can create mobile applications that do the following:

  • Scan for and connect to nearby BLE devices running Amazon FreeRTOS

  • Provision Wi-Fi networks for a BLE device running Amazon FreeRTOS

  • Act as a proxy for transmitting MQTT messages between a device running Amazon FreeRTOS and the AWS IoT cloud

Setting Up the SDK

To install the iOS SDK for Amazon FreeRTOS Bluetooth Devices

  1. Install CocoaPods:
$ gem install cocoapods
$ pod setup


You might need to use sudo to install CocoaPods.

  1. Install the SDK with CocoaPods (In Podfile):

Older version of the freertos firmware use JSON encoding, please use:

pod 'AmazonFreeRTOS', :git => '', :tag => '0.9.4'

Newer version of the freertos firmware use CBOR encoding, please use:

pod 'AmazonFreeRTOS', :git => ''


All main functions are defined in AmazonFreeRTOSManager.swift. These functions include:

BLE Helper Functions

The SDK includes some functions that help you perform BLE operations with Amazon FreeRTOS devices:


Device Information Service

The device information service provides basic device-related information. Its functions include:

getAfrVersionOfPeripheral(_ peripheral: CBPeripheral)
getBrokerEndpointOfPeripheral(_ peripheral: CBPeripheral)
getMtuOfPeripheral(_ peripheral: CBPeripheral)

MQTT Proxy Service

The MQTT proxy service controls the MQTT proxy. Its functions include:

getMqttProxyControlOfPeripheral(_ peripheral: CBPeripheral)
updateMqttProxyControlOfPeripheral(_ peripheral: CBPeripheral, mqttProxyControl: MqttProxyControl)

Network Config Service

The network configuration service configures the Wi-Fi network of the Amazon FreeRTOS Device. Its functions include:

listNetworkOfPeripheral(_ peripheral: CBPeripheral, listNetworkReq: ListNetworkReq)
saveNetworkToPeripheral(_ peripheral: CBPeripheral, saveNetworkReq: SaveNetworkReq)
editNetworkOfPeripheral(_ peripheral: CBPeripheral, editNetworkReq: EditNetworkReq)
deleteNetworkFromPeripheral(_ peripheral: CBPeripheral, deleteNetworkReq: DeleteNetworkReq)

Demo Application

The SDK includes a demo application that demonstrates some of the main features of the SDK. You can find the demo in Example/AmazonFreeRTOSDemo.


This library is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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