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  • feature:aws route53: Update aws route53 command to support string-match health checks and the UPSERT action for the aws route53 change-resource-record-sets command
  • bugfix:Command Completion: Don't show tracebacks on SIGINT (issue 628)
  • bugfix:Docs: Don't duplicate enum values in reference docs (issue 632)
  • bugfix:aws s3: Don't require s3:// prefix (issue 626)



  • Add support for the --recursive option in the aws s3 ls command (issue 465 <
  • Add support for the AWS_CA_BUNDLE environment variable so that users can specify an alternate path to a cert bundle (issue 586)
  • Add metadata_service_timeout and metadata_service_num_attempts config parameters to control behavior when retrieving credentials using an IAM role (issue 597)
  • Retry intermittent aws s3 download failures including socket timeouts and content length mismatches (issue 594)
  • Fix response parsing of aws s3api get-bucket-location (issue 345)
  • Fix response parsing of the aws elastictranscoder command (issue 207)
  • Update aws elasticache command to not require certain parameters


  • Add support for creating launch configuration or Auto Scaling groups using an Amazon EC2 instance, for attaching Amazon EC2 isntances to an existing Auto Scaling group, and for describing the limits on the Auto Scaling resources in the aws autoscaling command
  • Update documentation in the aws support command
  • Allow the --protocol customization for CreateNetworkAclEntry to also work for ReplaceNetworkAclEntry (issue 559)
  • Remove one second delay when tasks are finished running for several aws s3 subcommands (issue 551)
  • Fix bug in shorthand documentation generation that prevented certain nested structure parameters from being fully documented (issue 579)
  • Update default timeout from .1 second to 1 second (botocore issue 202)
  • Removed filter parameter in RDS operations (issue 515)
  • Fixed region endpoint for the aws kinesis command (botocore issue 194)


  • Fix issue 548 where --include/--exclude arguments for various aws s3 commands were prepending the CWD instead of the source directory for filter patterns
  • Fix issue 552 where a remote location without a trailing slash would show a malformed XML error when using various aws s3 commands
  • Add support for tagging in aws emr command
  • Add support for georestrictions in aws cloudfront command
  • Add support for new audio compression codecs in the aws elastictranscoder command
  • Update the aws cloudtrail command to the latest API
  • Add support for the new China (Beijing) Region. Note: Although the AWS CLI now includes support for the newly announced China (Beijing) Region, the service endpoints will not be accessible until the Region’s limited preview is launched in early 2014. To find out more about the new Region and request a limited preview account, please visit


  • Add support for parallel multipart uploads when copying objects between Amazon S3 locations when using the aws s3 command (issue 538)
  • Fix issue 542 where the ---stack-policy-url will parameter will not interpret its value as a URL when using the aws cloudformation create-stack command
  • Add support for global secondary indexes in the aws dynamodb command
  • Add support for the aws kinesis command
  • Add support for worker roles in the aws elasticbeanstalk command
  • Add support for resource tagging and other new operations in the aws emr command
  • Add support for resource-based permissions in the aws opsworks command
  • Update the aws elasticache command to signature version 4


  • Allow tcp, udp, icmp, all for --protocol param of the ec2 create-network-acl-entry command (issue 508)
  • Fix bug when filtering s3:// locations with the --include/--exclude params (issue 531 <>`__)
  • Fix an issue with map type parameters raising uncaught exceptions in commands such as sns create-platform-application (issue 407)
  • Fix an issue when both --private-ip-address and --associate-public-ip-address are specified in the ec2 run-instances command (issue 520)
  • Fix an issue where --output text was not providing a starting identifier for certain rows (issue 516)
  • Update the support command to the latest version
  • Update the --query syntax to support flattening sublists (boto/jmespath#20)


  • Allow --endpoint-url to work with the aws s3 command (issue 469)

  • Fix issue with aws cloudtrail [create|update]-subscription not honoring the --profile argument (issue 494)

  • Fix issue with --associate-public-ip-address when a --subnet-id is provided (issue 501)

  • Don't require key names for structures of single scalar values (issue 484)

  • Fix issue with symlinks silently failing during s3 sync/cp (issue 425

    and issue 487)

  • Add a aws configure list command to show where the configuration values are sourced from (issue 513)

  • Update cloudwatch command to use Signature Version 4

  • Update ec2 command to support enhanced network capabilities and pagination controls for describe-instances and describe-tags

  • Add support in rds command for copying DB snapshots from one AWS region to another


  • Add support for AWS Cloudtrail
  • Add support for identity federation using SAML 2.0 in the aws iam command
  • Update the aws redshift command to include several new features related to event notifications, encryption, audit logging, data load from external hosts, WLM configuration, and database distribution styles and functions
  • Add a --associate-public-ip-address option to the ec2 run-instances command (issue 479)
  • Add an s3 website command for configuring website configuration for an S3 bucket (issue 482)


  • Fix an issue with the s3 command when using GovCloud regions (boto/botocore#170)
  • Fix an issue with the s3 ls command making an extra query at the root level (issue 439)
  • Add detailed error message when unable to decode local filenames during an s3 sync (issue 378)
  • Support -1 and all as valid values to the --protocol argument to ec2 authorize-security-group-ingress and ec2 authorize-security-group-egress (issue 460)
  • Log the reason why a file is synced when using the s3 sync command
  • Fix an issue when uploading large files on low bandwidth networks (issue 454)
  • Fix an issue with parsing shorthand boolean argument values (issue 477)
  • Fix an issue with the cloudsearch command missing a required attribute (boto/botocore#175)
  • Fix an issue with parsing XML response for ec2 describe-instance-attribute (boto/botocore#174)
  • Update cloudformation command to support new features for stacks and templates
  • Update storagegateway command to support a new gateway configuration, Gateway-Virtual Tape Library (Gateway-VTL)
  • Update elb command to support cross-zone load balancing, which changes the way that Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) routes incoming requests


  • Add a new configure command that allows users to interactively specify configuration values (pull request 455)
  • Add support for new EMR APIs, termination of specific cluster instances, and unlimited EMR steps
  • Update Amazon CloudFront command to the 2013-09-27 API version
  • Fix issue where Expires timestamp in bundle-instance policy is incorrect (issue 456)
  • The requests library is now vendored in botocore (at version 2.0.1)
  • Fix an issue where timestamps used for Signature Version 4 weren't being refreshed (boto/botocore#162)


  • Fix an issue causing s3 sync with the --delete incorrectly deleting files (issue 440)
  • Fix an issue with --output text combined with paginated results (boto/botocore#165)
  • Fix a bug in text output when an empty list is encountered (issue 446)


  • Update the AWS Direct Connect command to support the latest features
  • Fix text output with single scalar value (issue 428)
  • Fix shell quoting for PAGER/MANPAGER environment variable (issue 429)
  • --endpoint-url is explicitly used for URL of remote service (boto/botocore#163)
  • Fix an validation error when using --ip-permissions and --group-id together (issue 435)


  • Update Amazon Elastic Transcoder command with audio transcoding features
  • Improve text output (--output text) to have a consistent output structure
  • Add --query argument that allows you to specify output data using a JMESPath expression
  • Upgrade requests library to 2.0.0
  • Update Amazon Redshift region configuration to include ap-southeast-1 and ap-southeast-2
  • Update Amazon S3 region configuration to include fips-us-gov-west-1
  • Add a bundled installer for the CLI which bundles all necessary dependencies (does not require pip)
  • Fix an issue with ZSH tab completion (issue 411)
  • Fix an issue with S3 requests timing out (issue 401)
  • Fix an issue with s3api delete-objects not providing the Content-MD5 header (issue 400)


  • Update the Amazon EC2 command to support Reserved Instance instance type modifications
  • Update the AWS OpsWorks command to support new resource management features
  • Fix an issue when transferring files on different drives on Windows
  • Fix an issue that caused interactive help to emit control characters on certain Linux distributions


  • Update the Amazon CloudFront command to support the latest API version 2013-08-26
  • Update the Auto Scaling client to support public IP address association of instances
  • Update Amazon SWF to support signature version 4
  • Update Amazon RDS with a new subcommand, add-source-identifier-to-subscription


  • Update the s3 commands to support the setting for how objects are stored in Amazon S3
  • Update the Amazon EC2 command to support the latest API version (2013-08-15)
  • Fix an issue causing excessive CPU utilization in some scenarios where many files were being uploaded
  • Fix a memory growth issue with s3 copying and syncing of files
  • Fix an issue caused by a conflict with a dependency and Python 3.x that caused installation to fail
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