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  • Fix an issue with the s3 command when using GovCloud regions (boto/botocore#170)
  • Fix an issue with the s3 ls command making an extra query at the root level (issue 439)
  • Add detailed error message when unable to decode local filenames during an s3 sync (issue 378)
  • Support -1 and all as valid values to the --protocol argument to ec2 authorize-security-group-ingress and ec2 authorize-security-group-egress (issue 460)
  • Log the reason why a file is synced when using the s3 sync command
  • Fix an issue when uploading large files on low bandwidth networks (issue 454)
  • Fix an issue with parsing shorthand boolean argument values (issue 477)
  • Fix an issue with the cloudsearch command missing a required attribute (boto/botocore#175)
  • Fix an issue with parsing XML response for ec2 describe-instance-attribute (boto/botocore#174)
  • Update cloudformation command to support new features for stacks and templates
  • Update storagegateway command to support a new gateway configuration, Gateway-Virtual Tape Library (Gateway-VTL)
  • Update elb command to support cross-zone load balancing, which changes the way that Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) routes incoming requests


  • Add a new configure command that allows users to interactively specify configuration values (pull request 455)
  • Add support for new EMR APIs, termination of specific cluster instances, and unlimited EMR steps
  • Update Amazon CloudFront command to the 2013-09-27 API version
  • Fix issue where Expires timestamp in bundle-instance policy is incorrect (issue 456)
  • The requests library is now vendored in botocore (at version 2.0.1)
  • Fix an issue where timestamps used for Signature Version 4 weren't being refreshed (boto/botocore#162)


  • Fix an issue causing s3 sync with the --delete incorrectly deleting files (issue 440)
  • Fix an issue with --output text combined with paginated results (boto/botocore#165)
  • Fix a bug in text output when an empty list is encountered (issue 446)


  • Update the AWS Direct Connect command to support the latest features
  • Fix text output with single scalar value (issue 428)
  • Fix shell quoting for PAGER/MANPAGER environment variable (issue 429)
  • --endpoint-url is explicitly used for URL of remote service (boto/botocore#163)
  • Fix an validation error when using --ip-permissions and --group-id together (issue 435)


  • Update Amazon Elastic Transcoder command with audio transcoding features
  • Improve text output (--output text) to have a consistent output structure
  • Add --query argument that allows you to specify output data using a JMESPath expression
  • Upgrade requests library to 2.0.0
  • Update Amazon Redshift region configuration to include ap-southeast-1 and ap-southeast-2
  • Update Amazon S3 region configuration to include fips-us-gov-west-1
  • Add a bundled installer for the CLI which bundles all necessary dependencies (does not require pip)
  • Fix an issue with ZSH tab completion (issue 411)
  • Fix an issue with S3 requests timing out (issue 401)
  • Fix an issue with s3api delete-objects not providing the Content-MD5 header (issue 400)


  • Update the Amazon EC2 command to support Reserved Instance instance type modifications
  • Update the AWS OpsWorks command to support new resource management features
  • Fix an issue when transferring files on different drives on Windows
  • Fix an issue that caused interactive help to emit control characters on certain Linux distributions


  • Update the Amazon CloudFront command to support the latest API version 2013-08-26
  • Update the Auto Scaling client to support public IP address association of instances
  • Update Amazon SWF to support signature version 4
  • Update Amazon RDS with a new subcommand, add-source-identifier-to-subscription


  • Update the s3 commands to support the setting for how objects are stored in Amazon S3
  • Update the Amazon EC2 command to support the latest API version (2013-08-15)
  • Fix an issue causing excessive CPU utilization in some scenarios where many files were being uploaded
  • Fix a memory growth issue with s3 copying and syncing of files
  • Fix an issue caused by a conflict with a dependency and Python 3.x that caused installation to fail
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