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I've installed aws-cli on OSX 1.6.8 using MacPorts Python 2.7. That seemed to go OK (though aws wasn't installed into /opt/local/bin or anywhere in the path). But when I try any command (say, aws iam list-users or aws ec2 describe-instances) I get

VerifiedHTTPSConnection instance has no attribute '_tunnel_host'

Google doesn't find many instances of that phrase. Any ideas about what's wrong?


The only time I have seen this error is when a user was attempting to run AWS CLI using Python 2.6.2. Apparently the urllib3 package used by requests is using a feature of that didn't appear until Python version 2.6.3.

So, I think AWS CLI is picking up an older version of Python. Try running aws --version and see what it says.


Yes, that is the problem. Somehow it's picking up the Python 2.6.1 that's also installed, even though I installed awscli with the version of pip that goes with the 2.7 Python. So it's not really an aws-cli issue. Guess I'll have to fiddle with MacPorts some more. Thanks.

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