(aws 1.2.5) aws ec2 create-network-acl-entry : Invalid value 'tcp' for IP protocol #508

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When I run command:
aws ec2 create-network-acl-entry --network-acl-id acl-57e3e835 --rule-number 100 --protocol tcp --rule-action allow --ingress --cidr-block --port-range From=22,To=22 --region eu-west-1 --profile sic-int

I get an error:
A client error (InvalidParameterValue) occurred: Invalid value 'tcp' for IP protocol. Unknown protocol.

However there is no problem when I run with '6' in place of 'tcp':
aws ec2 create-network-acl-entry --network-acl-id acl-57e3e835 --rule-number 100 --protocol 6 --rule-action allow --ingress --cidr-block --port-range From=22,To=22 --region eu-west-1 --profile sic-int

It is not consistent with specification in: aws ec2 create-network-acl-entry help


Yes, this is inconsistent with the documentation. The API only takes numbers but I think allowing tcp, udp, and icmp to be passed as strings makes sense. I'll fix this.

@garnaat garnaat was assigned Nov 27, 2013
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