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Update make-bundle to use newer version of pip #691

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There's a number of differences between pip 1.4 and pip 1.5. Right now, we need pip 1.4 to create bundled installers.

Given 1.5's been out for a while, we should update make-bundle to work with pip 1.5.

From what I can tell, the arguments we need include:

  • Allow external urls
  • No use wheel
@jamesls jamesls closed this issue from a commit
@jamesls jamesls Update bundled installer to work with pip 1.5
Also added a check that we have the minimum required
versions of pip/virtualenv before creating a bundled

Verified I could create/install a bundled installer
with these changes and pip 1.5.4.

If you have the wrong version installed, you'll get:

ValueError: pip requires at least version 1.5.0, but version 1.4.1 was found.

Fixes #691.
@jamesls jamesls closed this in 5897c27
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