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This is the first developer release of AWS CLI v2.0.0.

The AWS CLI v2.0.0 is not recommended for production use and is offered as a developer release.

Major features include:

  • Improved auto-completion performance
  • Add support for resource value auto completion, which can auto complete resources such as Amazon DynamoDB table names, AWS IAM user names, etc.
  • Add support for wizards, which allows interactive prompting in order to create and configure AWS resources.
  • Add high level aws ddb command which includes the select and put command
  • Add aws logs tail command for viewing most recent logs in an Amazon CloudWatch Logs group
  • Add support for automatically retrieving region via IMDS.
  • Add aws configure import command to create profiles from credentials CSV generated in the web console.
  • Add support for --output yaml.
  • Add aws configure list-profiles command.

Removal of features and backwards incompatible changes:

  • Remove support support for python2.6, python3.3, and python3.4.
  • Default timestamp to iso8601. Previously it would display whatever format was returned by the AWS service.
  • Remove support for automatically retrieving remote values starting with http and https.