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AWS CodeBuild Local Builds

You can now locally test and debug your AWS CodeBuild builds using the new CodeBuild local agent. Previously, if you wanted to test your AWS CodeBuild build, you had to fully configure and run CodeBuild. Now, you can simulate a CodeBuild environment locally to quickly troubleshoot the commands and settings located in the BuildSpec file. The agent also allows you to build your application locally before committing your changes to build on the cloud.

Start by pulling the signed local agent image from DockerHub:

docker pull amazon/aws-codebuild-local:latest --disable-content-trust=false

You can verify the SHA matches our latest release. Please allow at least an hour after a new version has been pushed for the updated SHA to be reflected in our documentation.

Download and use our script to run your local builds.

usage: [-i image_name] [-a artifact_output_directory] [options]

-i Used to specify the customer build container image.
-a Used to specify an artifact output directory.

-l Used to override the default local agent image.
-c Use the AWS configuration and credentials from your local host. This includes ~/.aws and any AWS_* environment variables.
-p Used to specify the AWS CLI Profile.
-b Used to specify a buildspec override file. Defaults to buildspec.yml in the source directory.
-e Used to specify a file containing environment variables.
-m Used to mount the source directory to the customer build container directly.
-s Used to specify a source directory. Defaults to the current working directory.

  • First (-s) is for primary source
  • Use additional (-s) in <sourceIdentifier>:<sourceLocation> format for secondary source
  • For sourceIdentifier, use a value that is fewer than 128 characters and contains only alphanumeric characters and underscores

Environment variable file format:

  • Expects each line to be in VAR=VAL format
  • Lines beginning with # are processed as comments and ignored
  • Blank lines are ignored
  • File can be of type .env or .txt
  • There is no special handling of quotation marks, meaning they will be part of the VAL

Note that if you want to use an AWS CodeBuild Curated image, you can build it locally on your machine by cloning this repository and performing a docker build on your choice of image.

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