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* Copyright 2019, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"). You may not use
* this file except in compliance with the License. A copy of the License is
* located at
* or in the "license" file accompanying this file. This file is distributed on an
* implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
import { isMsWindow } from '@aws-crypto/ie11-detection'
import { supportsWebCrypto, supportsSubtleCrypto, supportsZeroByteGCM } from '@aws-crypto/supports-web-crypto'
import { synchronousRandomValues as randomValues } from './synchronous_random_values'
import promisifyMsSubtleCrypto from './promisify-ms-crypto'
type MaybeSubtleCrypto = SubtleCrypto|false
export type WebCryptoBackend = FullSupportWebCryptoBackend|MixedSupportWebCryptoBackend
export type FullSupportWebCryptoBackend = {
subtle: SubtleCrypto
randomValues: (byteLength: number) => Uint8Array
export type MixedSupportWebCryptoBackend = {
zeroByteSubtle: SubtleCrypto
nonZeroByteSubtle: SubtleCrypto
randomValues: (byteLength: number) => Uint8Array
export function webCryptoBackendFactory (window: Window) {
const fallbackRequiredPromise = windowRequiresFallback(window)
let webCryptoFallbackPromise: Promise<SubtleCrypto>|false = false
return { getWebCryptoBackend, configureFallback }
async function getWebCryptoBackend (): Promise<WebCryptoBackend> {
/* Precondition: Access to a secure random source is required. */
try {
} catch (ex) {
throw new Error('No supported secure random')
const fallbackRequired = await fallbackRequiredPromise
const subtle = pluckSubtleCrypto(window)
const webCryptoFallback = await webCryptoFallbackPromise
/* Postcondition: If a a subtle backend exists and a fallback is required, one must be configured.
* In this case the subtle backend does not support zero byte GCM operations.
if (subtle && fallbackRequired && !webCryptoFallback) {
throw new Error('A Fallback is required for zero byte AES-GCM operations.')
/* Postcondition: If no SubtleCrypto exists, a fallback must configured. */
if (!subtle && !webCryptoFallback) {
throw new Error('A Fallback is required because no subtle backend exists.')
if (!fallbackRequired && subtle) {
return { subtle, randomValues }
if (fallbackRequired && subtle && webCryptoFallback) {
return { nonZeroByteSubtle: subtle, randomValues, zeroByteSubtle: webCryptoFallback }
if (fallbackRequired && !subtle && webCryptoFallback) {
return { subtle: webCryptoFallback, randomValues }
throw new Error('unknown error')
async function configureFallback (fallback: SubtleCrypto) {
const fallbackRequired = await fallbackRequiredPromise
/* Precondition: If a fallback is not required, do not configure one. */
if (!fallbackRequired) {
/* Precondition: Can not reconfigure fallback. */
if (webCryptoFallbackPromise) throw new Error('Fallback reconfiguration denied')
/* Precondition: Fallback must look like it supports the required operations. */
if (!supportsSubtleCrypto(fallback)) throw new Error('Fallback does not support WebCrypto')
// This if to lock the fallback.
// when using the fallback, it is simpler
// for the customer to not await the success
// of configuration so we handle it for them
// I still return in case they want to await
webCryptoFallbackPromise = supportsZeroByteGCM(fallback)
.then(zeroByteGCMSupport => {
/* Postcondition: The fallback must specifically support ZeroByteGCM. */
if (!zeroByteGCMSupport) throw new Error('Fallback does not support zero byte AES-GCM')
return fallback
return webCryptoFallbackPromise
export function getNonZeroByteBackend (backend: WebCryptoBackend|false) {
/* Precondition: A backend must be passed to get a non zero byte backend. */
if (!backend) throw new Error('No supported backend.')
return (<FullSupportWebCryptoBackend>backend).subtle ||
export function getZeroByteSubtle (backend: WebCryptoBackend|false) {
/* Precondition: A backend must be passed to get a zero byte backend. */
if (!backend) throw new Error('No supported backend.')
return (<FullSupportWebCryptoBackend>backend).subtle ||
export async function windowRequiresFallback (window: Window) {
const subtle = pluckSubtleCrypto(window)
if (!subtle) return true
const zeroByteSupport = await supportsZeroByteGCM(subtle)
return !zeroByteSupport
export function pluckSubtleCrypto (window: Window): MaybeSubtleCrypto {
// if needed webkitSubtle check should be added here
// see:
if (supportsWebCrypto(window)) return window.crypto.subtle
if (isMsWindow(window)) return promisifyMsSubtleCrypto(window.msCrypto.subtle)
return false
export function isFullSupportWebCryptoBackend (backend: WebCryptoBackend): backend is FullSupportWebCryptoBackend {
return !!(<FullSupportWebCryptoBackend>backend).subtle
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