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Enabling on-premises development with Xilinx tools

NOTE: If you are developing on the AWS cloud and using AWS FPGA Developer AMI provided on AWS Marketplace, you can skip this document.

This document helps developers who choose to develop on-premises with specifying and licensing AWS-compatible Xilinx tools for use with the AWS FPGA HDK.

Requirements for AWS HDK 1.4.4+ (2018.2)

Requirements for AWS HDK 1.3.7+ (2017.4)

Requirements for AWS HDK 1.3.0 to 1.3.9 (2017.1_sdx)

Licensing Details

  • On-Premises customers may need a new or updated license
    • Existing F1 on-premises customers will not need a new license
    • New users will need to obtain an on-premises license of Vivado, please follow the instructions at:
    • The correct ordering number for the product is EF-VIVADO-SDX-VU9P-OP-(NL/FL)
    • You can confirm you are using the correct license for this product by ensuring you have the following in Xilinx License Manager:
      • EncryptedWriter_v2
      • Synthesis
      • Implementation
      • XCVU9P
      • XCVU9P_bitgen
      • ap_opencl
      • Analyzer
      • HLS
      • PartialReconfiguration
      • Simulation
      • SysGen