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// Copyright 2017, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved.
package messages
import "fmt"
type PingRequest struct {
type PingResponse struct {
type InvokeRequest_Timestamp struct {
Seconds int64
Nanos int64
type InvokeRequest struct {
Payload []byte
RequestId string
XAmznTraceId string
Deadline InvokeRequest_Timestamp
InvokedFunctionArn string
CognitoIdentityId string
CognitoIdentityPoolId string
ClientContext []byte
type InvokeResponse struct {
Payload []byte
Error *InvokeResponse_Error
type InvokeResponse_Error struct {
Message string `json:"errorMessage"`
Type string `json:"errorType"`
StackTrace []*InvokeResponse_Error_StackFrame `json:"stackTrace,omitempty"`
ShouldExit bool `json:"-"`
func (e InvokeResponse_Error) Error() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%#v", e)
type InvokeResponse_Error_StackFrame struct {
Path string `json:"path"`
Line int32 `json:"line"`
Label string `json:"label"`
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