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// Copyright 2017, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved.
// Helpers for accessing context information from an Invoke request. Context information
// is stored in a The functions FromContext and NewContext
// are used to retrieving and inserting an isntance of LambdaContext.
package lambdacontext
import (
// LogGroupName is the name of the log group that contains the log streams of the current Lambda Function
var LogGroupName string
// LogStreamName name of the log stream that the current Lambda Function's logs will be sent to
var LogStreamName string
// FunctionName the name of the current Lambda Function
var FunctionName string
// MemoryLimitInMB is the configured memory limit for the current instance of the Lambda Function
var MemoryLimitInMB int
// FunctionVersion is the published version of the current instance of the Lambda Function
var FunctionVersion string
func init() {
LogGroupName = os.Getenv("AWS_LAMBDA_LOG_GROUP_NAME")
LogStreamName = os.Getenv("AWS_LAMBDA_LOG_STREAM_NAME")
FunctionName = os.Getenv("AWS_LAMBDA_FUNCTION_NAME")
if limit, err := strconv.Atoi(os.Getenv("AWS_LAMBDA_FUNCTION_MEMORY_SIZE")); err != nil {
MemoryLimitInMB = 0
} else {
MemoryLimitInMB = limit
FunctionVersion = os.Getenv("AWS_LAMBDA_FUNCTION_VERSION")
// ClientApplication is metadata about the calling application.
type ClientApplication struct {
InstallationID string `json:"installation_id"`
AppTitle string `json:"app_title"`
AppVersionCode string `json:"app_version_code"`
AppPackageName string `json:"app_package_name"`
// ClientContext is information about the client application passed by the calling application.
type ClientContext struct {
Client ClientApplication
Env map[string]string `json:"env"`
Custom map[string]string `json:"custom"`
// CognitoIdentity is the cognito identity used by the calling application.
type CognitoIdentity struct {
CognitoIdentityID string
CognitoIdentityPoolID string
// LambdaContext is the set of metadata that is passed for every Invoke.
type LambdaContext struct {
AwsRequestID string
InvokedFunctionArn string
Identity CognitoIdentity
ClientContext ClientContext
// An unexported type to be used as the key for types in this package.
// This prevents collisions with keys defined in other packages.
type key struct{}
// The key for a LambdaContext in Contexts.
// Users of this package must use lambdacontext.NewContext and lambdacontext.FromContext
// instead of using this key directly.
var contextKey = &key{}
// NewContext returns a new Context that carries value lc.
func NewContext(parent context.Context, lc *LambdaContext) context.Context {
return context.WithValue(parent, contextKey, lc)
// FromContext returns the LambdaContext value stored in ctx, if any.
func FromContext(ctx context.Context) (*LambdaContext, bool) {
lc, ok := ctx.Value(contextKey).(*LambdaContext)
return lc, ok
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