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package client
import (
// A Config provides configuration to a service client instance.
type Config struct {
Config *aws.Config
Handlers request.Handlers
Endpoint string
SigningRegion string
SigningName string
// States that the signing name did not come from a modeled source but
// was derived based on other data. Used by service client constructors
// to determine if the signin name can be overridden based on metadata the
// service has.
SigningNameDerived bool
// ConfigProvider provides a generic way for a service client to receive
// the ClientConfig without circular dependencies.
type ConfigProvider interface {
ClientConfig(serviceName string, cfgs ...*aws.Config) Config
// ConfigNoResolveEndpointProvider same as ConfigProvider except it will not
// resolve the endpoint automatically. The service client's endpoint must be
// provided via the aws.Config.Endpoint field.
type ConfigNoResolveEndpointProvider interface {
ClientConfigNoResolveEndpoint(cfgs ...*aws.Config) Config
// A Client implements the base client request and response handling
// used by all service clients.
type Client struct {
Config aws.Config
Handlers request.Handlers
// New will return a pointer to a new initialized service client.
func New(cfg aws.Config, info metadata.ClientInfo, handlers request.Handlers, options ...func(*Client)) *Client {
svc := &Client{
Config: cfg,
ClientInfo: info,
Handlers: handlers.Copy(),
switch retryer, ok := cfg.Retryer.(request.Retryer); {
case ok:
svc.Retryer = retryer
case cfg.Retryer != nil && cfg.Logger != nil:
s := fmt.Sprintf("WARNING: %T does not implement request.Retryer; using DefaultRetryer instead", cfg.Retryer)
maxRetries := aws.IntValue(cfg.MaxRetries)
if cfg.MaxRetries == nil || maxRetries == aws.UseServiceDefaultRetries {
maxRetries = 3
svc.Retryer = DefaultRetryer{NumMaxRetries: maxRetries}
for _, option := range options {
return svc
// NewRequest returns a new Request pointer for the service API
// operation and parameters.
func (c *Client) NewRequest(operation *request.Operation, params interface{}, data interface{}) *request.Request {
return request.New(c.Config, c.ClientInfo, c.Handlers, c.Retryer, operation, params, data)
// AddDebugHandlers injects debug logging handlers into the service to log request
// debug information.
func (c *Client) AddDebugHandlers() {
if !c.Config.LogLevel.AtLeast(aws.LogDebug) {
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