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package corehandlers
import (
// SDKVersionUserAgentHandler is a request handler for adding the SDK Version
// to the user agent.
var SDKVersionUserAgentHandler = request.NamedHandler{
Name: "core.SDKVersionUserAgentHandler",
Fn: request.MakeAddToUserAgentHandler(aws.SDKName, aws.SDKVersion,
runtime.Version(), runtime.GOOS, runtime.GOARCH),
const execEnvVar = `AWS_EXECUTION_ENV`
const execEnvUAKey = `exec-env`
// AddHostExecEnvUserAgentHander is a request handler appending the SDK's
// execution environment to the user agent.
// If the environment variable AWS_EXECUTION_ENV is set, its value will be
// appended to the user agent string.
var AddHostExecEnvUserAgentHander = request.NamedHandler{
Name: "core.AddHostExecEnvUserAgentHander",
Fn: func(r *request.Request) {
v := os.Getenv(execEnvVar)
if len(v) == 0 {
request.AddToUserAgent(r, execEnvUAKey+"/"+v)
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