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package credentials
import (
// SharedCredsProviderName provides a name of SharedCreds provider
const SharedCredsProviderName = "SharedCredentialsProvider"
var (
// ErrSharedCredentialsHomeNotFound is emitted when the user directory cannot be found.
ErrSharedCredentialsHomeNotFound = awserr.New("UserHomeNotFound", "user home directory not found.", nil)
// A SharedCredentialsProvider retrieves credentials from the current user's home
// directory, and keeps track if those credentials are expired.
// Profile ini file example: $HOME/.aws/credentials
type SharedCredentialsProvider struct {
// Path to the shared credentials file.
// If empty will look for "AWS_SHARED_CREDENTIALS_FILE" env variable. If the
// env value is empty will default to current user's home directory.
// Linux/OSX: "$HOME/.aws/credentials"
// Windows: "%USERPROFILE%\.aws\credentials"
Filename string
// AWS Profile to extract credentials from the shared credentials file. If empty
// will default to environment variable "AWS_PROFILE" or "default" if
// environment variable is also not set.
Profile string
// retrieved states if the credentials have been successfully retrieved.
retrieved bool
// NewSharedCredentials returns a pointer to a new Credentials object
// wrapping the Profile file provider.
func NewSharedCredentials(filename, profile string) *Credentials {
return NewCredentials(&SharedCredentialsProvider{
Filename: filename,
Profile: profile,
// Retrieve reads and extracts the shared credentials from the current
// users home directory.
func (p *SharedCredentialsProvider) Retrieve() (Value, error) {
p.retrieved = false
filename, err := p.filename()
if err != nil {
return Value{ProviderName: SharedCredsProviderName}, err
creds, err := loadProfile(filename, p.profile())
if err != nil {
return Value{ProviderName: SharedCredsProviderName}, err
p.retrieved = true
return creds, nil
// IsExpired returns if the shared credentials have expired.
func (p *SharedCredentialsProvider) IsExpired() bool {
return !p.retrieved
// loadProfiles loads from the file pointed to by shared credentials filename for profile.
// The credentials retrieved from the profile will be returned or error. Error will be
// returned if it fails to read from the file, or the data is invalid.
func loadProfile(filename, profile string) (Value, error) {
config, err := ini.OpenFile(filename)
if err != nil {
return Value{ProviderName: SharedCredsProviderName}, awserr.New("SharedCredsLoad", "failed to load shared credentials file", err)
iniProfile, ok := config.GetSection(profile)
if !ok {
return Value{ProviderName: SharedCredsProviderName}, awserr.New("SharedCredsLoad", "failed to get profile", nil)
id := iniProfile.String("aws_access_key_id")
if len(id) == 0 {
return Value{ProviderName: SharedCredsProviderName}, awserr.New("SharedCredsAccessKey",
fmt.Sprintf("shared credentials %s in %s did not contain aws_access_key_id", profile, filename),
secret := iniProfile.String("aws_secret_access_key")
if len(secret) == 0 {
return Value{ProviderName: SharedCredsProviderName}, awserr.New("SharedCredsSecret",
fmt.Sprintf("shared credentials %s in %s did not contain aws_secret_access_key", profile, filename),
// Default to empty string if not found
token := iniProfile.String("aws_session_token")
return Value{
AccessKeyID: id,
SecretAccessKey: secret,
SessionToken: token,
ProviderName: SharedCredsProviderName,
}, nil
// filename returns the filename to use to read AWS shared credentials.
// Will return an error if the user's home directory path cannot be found.
func (p *SharedCredentialsProvider) filename() (string, error) {
if len(p.Filename) != 0 {
return p.Filename, nil
if p.Filename = os.Getenv("AWS_SHARED_CREDENTIALS_FILE"); len(p.Filename) != 0 {
return p.Filename, nil
if home := shareddefaults.UserHomeDir(); len(home) == 0 {
// Backwards compatibility of home directly not found error being returned.
// This error is too verbose, failure when opening the file would of been
// a better error to return.
return "", ErrSharedCredentialsHomeNotFound
p.Filename = shareddefaults.SharedCredentialsFilename()
return p.Filename, nil
// profile returns the AWS shared credentials profile. If empty will read
// environment variable "AWS_PROFILE". If that is not set profile will
// return "default".
func (p *SharedCredentialsProvider) profile() string {
if p.Profile == "" {
p.Profile = os.Getenv("AWS_PROFILE")
if p.Profile == "" {
p.Profile = "default"
return p.Profile
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