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package credentials
import (
// StaticProviderName provides a name of Static provider
const StaticProviderName = "StaticProvider"
var (
// ErrStaticCredentialsEmpty is emitted when static credentials are empty.
ErrStaticCredentialsEmpty = awserr.New("EmptyStaticCreds", "static credentials are empty", nil)
// A StaticProvider is a set of credentials which are set programmatically,
// and will never expire.
type StaticProvider struct {
// NewStaticCredentials returns a pointer to a new Credentials object
// wrapping a static credentials value provider.
func NewStaticCredentials(id, secret, token string) *Credentials {
return NewCredentials(&StaticProvider{Value: Value{
AccessKeyID: id,
SecretAccessKey: secret,
SessionToken: token,
// NewStaticCredentialsFromCreds returns a pointer to a new Credentials object
// wrapping the static credentials value provide. Same as NewStaticCredentials
// but takes the creds Value instead of individual fields
func NewStaticCredentialsFromCreds(creds Value) *Credentials {
return NewCredentials(&StaticProvider{Value: creds})
// Retrieve returns the credentials or error if the credentials are invalid.
func (s *StaticProvider) Retrieve() (Value, error) {
if s.AccessKeyID == "" || s.SecretAccessKey == "" {
return Value{ProviderName: StaticProviderName}, ErrStaticCredentialsEmpty
if len(s.Value.ProviderName) == 0 {
s.Value.ProviderName = StaticProviderName
return s.Value, nil
// IsExpired returns if the credentials are expired.
// For StaticProvider, the credentials never expired.
func (s *StaticProvider) IsExpired() bool {
return false
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