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// +build !go1.8
package request
import "io"
// NoBody is an io.ReadCloser with no bytes. Read always returns EOF
// and Close always returns nil. It can be used in an outgoing client
// request to explicitly signal that a request has zero bytes.
// An alternative, however, is to simply set Request.Body to nil.
// Copy of Go 1.8 NoBody type from net/http/http.go
type noBody struct{}
func (noBody) Read([]byte) (int, error) { return 0, io.EOF }
func (noBody) Close() error { return nil }
func (noBody) WriteTo(io.Writer) (int64, error) { return 0, nil }
// NoBody is an empty reader that will trigger the Go HTTP client to not include
// and body in the HTTP request.
var NoBody = noBody{}
// ResetBody rewinds the request body back to its starting position, and
// sets the HTTP Request body reference. When the body is read prior
// to being sent in the HTTP request it will need to be rewound.
// ResetBody will automatically be called by the SDK's build handler, but if
// the request is being used directly ResetBody must be called before the request
// is Sent. SetStringBody, SetBufferBody, and SetReaderBody will automatically
// call ResetBody.
func (r *Request) ResetBody() {
body, err := r.getNextRequestBody()
if err != nil {
r.Error = err
r.HTTPRequest.Body = body
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