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// Code generated by private/model/cli/gen-api/main.go. DO NOT EDIT.
package clouddirectory
import (
// CloudDirectory provides the API operation methods for making requests to
// Amazon CloudDirectory. See this package's package overview docs
// for details on the service.
// CloudDirectory methods are safe to use concurrently. It is not safe to
// modify mutate any of the struct's properties though.
type CloudDirectory struct {
// Used for custom client initialization logic
var initClient func(*client.Client)
// Used for custom request initialization logic
var initRequest func(*request.Request)
// Service information constants
const (
ServiceName = "clouddirectory" // Name of service.
EndpointsID = ServiceName // ID to lookup a service endpoint with.
ServiceID = "CloudDirectory" // ServiceID is a unique identifer of a specific service.
// New creates a new instance of the CloudDirectory client with a session.
// If additional configuration is needed for the client instance use the optional
// aws.Config parameter to add your extra config.
// Example:
// // Create a CloudDirectory client from just a session.
// svc := clouddirectory.New(mySession)
// // Create a CloudDirectory client with additional configuration
// svc := clouddirectory.New(mySession, aws.NewConfig().WithRegion("us-west-2"))
func New(p client.ConfigProvider, cfgs ...*aws.Config) *CloudDirectory {
c := p.ClientConfig(EndpointsID, cfgs...)
if c.SigningNameDerived || len(c.SigningName) == 0 {
c.SigningName = "clouddirectory"
return newClient(*c.Config, c.Handlers, c.Endpoint, c.SigningRegion, c.SigningName)
// newClient creates, initializes and returns a new service client instance.
func newClient(cfg aws.Config, handlers request.Handlers, endpoint, signingRegion, signingName string) *CloudDirectory {
svc := &CloudDirectory{
Client: client.New(
ServiceName: ServiceName,
ServiceID: ServiceID,
SigningName: signingName,
SigningRegion: signingRegion,
Endpoint: endpoint,
APIVersion: "2017-01-11",
// Handlers
// Run custom client initialization if present
if initClient != nil {
return svc
// newRequest creates a new request for a CloudDirectory operation and runs any
// custom request initialization.
func (c *CloudDirectory) newRequest(op *request.Operation, params, data interface{}) *request.Request {
req := c.NewRequest(op, params, data)
// Run custom request initialization if present
if initRequest != nil {
return req
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