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// Code generated by private/model/cli/gen-api/main.go. DO NOT EDIT.
package cloudwatch
import (
// WaitUntilAlarmExists uses the CloudWatch API operation
// DescribeAlarms to wait for a condition to be met before returning.
// If the condition is not met within the max attempt window, an error will
// be returned.
func (c *CloudWatch) WaitUntilAlarmExists(input *DescribeAlarmsInput) error {
return c.WaitUntilAlarmExistsWithContext(aws.BackgroundContext(), input)
// WaitUntilAlarmExistsWithContext is an extended version of WaitUntilAlarmExists.
// With the support for passing in a context and options to configure the
// Waiter and the underlying request options.
// The context must be non-nil and will be used for request cancellation. If
// the context is nil a panic will occur. In the future the SDK may create
// sub-contexts for http.Requests. See
// for more information on using Contexts.
func (c *CloudWatch) WaitUntilAlarmExistsWithContext(ctx aws.Context, input *DescribeAlarmsInput, opts ...request.WaiterOption) error {
w := request.Waiter{
Name: "WaitUntilAlarmExists",
MaxAttempts: 40,
Delay: request.ConstantWaiterDelay(5 * time.Second),
Acceptors: []request.WaiterAcceptor{
State: request.SuccessWaiterState,
Matcher: request.PathWaiterMatch, Argument: "length(MetricAlarms[]) > `0`",
Expected: true,
Logger: c.Config.Logger,
NewRequest: func(opts []request.Option) (*request.Request, error) {
var inCpy *DescribeAlarmsInput
if input != nil {
tmp := *input
inCpy = &tmp
req, _ := c.DescribeAlarmsRequest(inCpy)
return req, nil
return w.WaitWithContext(ctx)
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