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package s3crypto
import "io"
// ContentCipherBuilder is a builder interface that builds
// ciphers for each request.
type ContentCipherBuilder interface {
ContentCipher() (ContentCipher, error)
// ContentCipher deals with encrypting and decrypting content
type ContentCipher interface {
EncryptContents(io.Reader) (io.Reader, error)
DecryptContents(io.ReadCloser) (io.ReadCloser, error)
GetCipherData() CipherData
// CipherData is used for content encryption. It is used for storing the
// metadata of the encrypted content.
type CipherData struct {
Key []byte
IV []byte
WrapAlgorithm string
CEKAlgorithm string
TagLength string
MaterialDescription MaterialDescription
// EncryptedKey should be populated when calling GenerateCipherData
EncryptedKey []byte
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