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@aws-sdk-go-automation aws-sdk-go-automation released this Jan 7, 2020

Release v1.27.2 (2020-01-07)

Service Client Updates

  • service/AWSMigrationHub: Updates service API, documentation, and paginators
  • service/codebuild: Updates service API and documentation
    • Add encryption key override to StartBuild API in AWS CodeBuild.
  • service/xray: Updates service documentation
    • Documentation updates for xray

SDK Enhancements

  • aws: Add configuration option enable the SDK to unmarshal API response header maps to normalized lower case map keys. (#3033)
    • Setting aws.Config.LowerCaseHeaderMaps to true will result in S3's X-Amz-Meta prefixed header to be unmarshaled to lower case Metadata member's map keys.

SDK Bugs

  • aws/ec2metadata : Reduces request timeout for EC2Metadata client along with maximum number of retries (#3066)
    • Reduces latency while fetching response from EC2Metadata client running in a container to around 3 seconds
    • Fixes #2972
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