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Changelog for AWS SDK for JavaScript


  • feature: CloudDirectory: Enabled FIPS endpoints for GovCloud (US) regions in SDK.
  • feature: CloudFormation: This feature provides a method of obtaining which regions a stackset has stack instances deployed in.
  • feature: DLM: Enabled FIPS endpoints for GovCloud (US) regions in SDK.
  • feature: Discovery: Update ImportName validation to 255 from the current length of 100
  • feature: EC2: We add Prefix Lists as a new route destination option for LocalGatewayRoutes. This will allow customers to create routes to Prefix Lists. Prefix List routes will allow customers to group individual CIDR routes with the same target into a single route.
  • feature: Imagebuilder: Enabled FIPS endpoints for GovCloud (US) regions in SDK.
  • feature: Kafka: Enabled FIPS endpoints for GovCloud (US) regions in SDK.
  • feature: MediaConvert: Enabled FIPS endpoints for GovCloud (US) regions in SDK.
  • feature: SWF: Enabled FIPS endpoints for GovCloud (US) regions in SDK.


  • feature: AppStream: Fixing the issue where Appstream waiters hang for fleet_started and fleet_stopped.
  • feature: ApplicationAutoScaling: Enabled FIPS endpoints for GovCloud (US) regions in SDK.
  • feature: ElasticBeanstalk: Enabled FIPS endpoints for GovCloud (US) regions in SDK.
  • feature: Fis: Enabled FIPS endpoints for GovCloud (US) regions in SDK.
  • feature: Glacier: Enabled FIPS endpoints for GovCloud (US) regions in SDK.
  • feature: Greengrass: Enabled FIPS endpoints for GovCloud (US) regions in SDK.
  • feature: GreengrassV2: Enabled FIPS endpoints for GovCloud (US) in SDK.
  • feature: MediaTailor: This release introduces the As Run logging type, along with API and documentation updates.
  • feature: Outposts: Adding support for payment term in GetOrder, CreateOrder responses.
  • feature: SageMaker: This release supports running SageMaker Training jobs with container images that are in a private Docker registry.
  • feature: SageMakerRuntime: Amazon SageMaker Runtime which supports InvokeEndpointAsync asynchronously can now invoke endpoints with custom timeout values. Asynchronous invocations support longer processing times.
  • feature: ServerlessApplicationRepository: Enabled FIPS endpoints for GovCloud (US) regions in SDK.


  • feature: EventBridge: Minor comments for Redshift Serverless workgroup target support.
  • feature: IoTFleetWise: Add model validation to BatchCreateVehicle and BatchUpdateVehicle operations that invalidate requests with an empty vehicles list.
  • feature: S3: Allow FIPS to be used with path-style URLs.


  • feature: CloudFormation: Enabled FIPS aws-us-gov endpoints in SDK.
  • feature: EC2: This release adds new functionality that allows customers to provision IPv6 CIDR blocks through Amazon VPC IP Address Manager (IPAM) as well as allowing customers to utilize IPAM Resource Discovery APIs.
  • feature: M2: Add returnCode, batchJobIdentifier in GetBatchJobExecution response, for user to view the batch job execution result & unique identifier from engine. Also removed unused headers from REST APIs
  • feature: Polly: Add 5 new neural voices - Sergio (es-ES), Andres (es-MX), Remi (fr-FR), Adriano (it-IT) and Thiago (pt-BR).
  • feature: S3Control: Add additional endpoint tests for S3 Control. Fix missing endpoint parameters for PutBucketVersioning and GetBucketVersioning. Prior to this fix, those operations may have resulted in an invalid endpoint being resolved.
  • feature: SageMaker: SageMaker Inference Recommender now decouples from Model Registry and could accept Model Name to invoke inference recommendations job; Inference Recommender now provides CPU/Memory Utilization metrics data in recommendation output.


  • feature: DataBrew: Enabled FIPS us-gov-west-1 endpoints in SDK.
  • feature: Route53: Amazon Route 53 now supports the Asia Pacific (Melbourne) Region (ap-southeast-4) for latency records, geoproximity records, and private DNS for Amazon VPCs in that region.
  • feature: SsmSap: This release provides updates to documentation and support for listing operations performed by AWS Systems Manager for SAP.


  • feature: Lambda: Release Lambda RuntimeManagementConfig, enabling customers to better manage runtime updates to their Lambda functions. This release adds two new APIs, GetRuntimeManagementConfig and PutRuntimeManagementConfig, as well as support on existing Create/Get/Update function APIs.
  • feature: SageMaker: Amazon SageMaker Inference now supports P4de instance types.


  • feature: EC2: C6in, M6in, M6idn, R6in and R6idn instances are powered by 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors (code named Ice Lake) with an all-core turbo frequency of 3.5 GHz.
  • feature: IVS: API and Doc update. Update to arns field in BatchGetStreamKey. Also updates to operations and structures.
  • feature: QuickSight: This release adds support for data bars in QuickSight table and increases pivot table field well limit.


  • feature: Appflow: Adding support for Salesforce Pardot connector in Amazon AppFlow.
  • feature: CloudWatchLogs: Bug fix - Removed the regex pattern validation from CoralModel to avoid potential security issue.
  • feature: CodeArtifact: Documentation updates for CodeArtifact
  • feature: Connect: Amazon Connect Chat introduces Persistent Chat, allowing customers to resume previous conversations with context and transcripts carried over from previous chats, eliminating the need to repeat themselves and allowing agents to provide personalized service with access to entire conversation history.
  • feature: ConnectParticipant: This release updates Amazon Connect Participant's GetTranscript api to provide transcripts of past chats on a persistent chat session.
  • feature: EC2: Adds SSM Parameter Resource Aliasing support to EC2 Launch Templates. Launch Templates can now store parameter aliases in place of AMI Resource IDs. CreateLaunchTemplateVersion and DescribeLaunchTemplateVersions now support a convenience flag, ResolveAlias, to return the resolved parameter value.
  • feature: Glue: Release Glue Studio Hudi Data Lake Format for SDK/CLI
  • feature: GroundStation: Add configurable prepass and postpass times for DataflowEndpointGroup. Add Waiter to allow customers to wait for a contact that was reserved through ReserveContact
  • feature: MediaLive: AWS Elemental MediaLive adds support for SCTE 35 preRollMilliSeconds.
  • feature: OpenSearch: This release adds the enhanced dry run option, that checks for validation errors that might occur when deploying configuration changes and provides a summary of these errors, if any. The feature will also indicate whether a blue/green deployment will be required to apply a change.
  • feature: Panorama: Added AllowMajorVersionUpdate option to OTAJobConfig to make appliance software major version updates opt-in.
  • feature: SageMaker: HyperParameterTuningJobs now allow passing environment variables into the corresponding TrainingJobs


  • feature: CloudWatch: Enable cross-account streams in CloudWatch Metric Streams via Observability Access Manager.
  • feature: Ivschat: Updates the range for a Chat Room's maximumMessageRatePerSecond field.


  • feature: Billingconductor: This release adds support for SKU Scope for pricing plans.
  • feature: Cloud9: Added minimum value to AutomaticStopTimeMinutes parameter.
  • feature: Imagebuilder: Add support for AWS Marketplace product IDs as input during CreateImageRecipe for the parent-image parameter. Add support for listing third-party components.
  • feature: NetworkFirewall: Network Firewall now allows creation of dual stack endpoints, enabling inspection of IPv6 traffic.


  • bugfix: Endpoints: Use correct FIPS endpoint for CloudFormation in GovCloud
  • feature: Connect: This release updates the responses of UpdateContactFlowContent, UpdateContactFlowMetadata, UpdateContactFlowName and DeleteContactFlow API with empty responses.
  • feature: EC2: Documentation updates for EC2.
  • feature: Outposts: This release adds POWER_30_KVA as an option for PowerDrawKva. PowerDrawKva is part of the RackPhysicalProperties structure in the CreateSite request.
  • feature: ResourceGroups: AWS Resource Groups customers can now turn on Group Lifecycle Events in their AWS account. When you turn this on, Resource Groups monitors your groups for changes to group state or membership. Those changes are sent to Amazon EventBridge as events that you can respond to using rules you create.


  • feature: CleanRooms: Initial release of AWS Clean Rooms
  • feature: CloudWatchLogs: Bug fix: logGroupName is now not a required field in GetLogEvents, FilterLogEvents, GetLogGroupFields, and DescribeLogStreams APIs as logGroupIdentifier can be provided instead
  • feature: Lambda: Add support for MaximumConcurrency parameter for SQS event source. Customers can now limit the maximum concurrent invocations for their SQS Event Source Mapping.
  • feature: MediaConvert: The AWS Elemental MediaConvert SDK has added support for compact DASH manifest generation, audio normalization using TruePeak measurements, and the ability to clip the sample range in the color corrector.


  • feature: Kendra: This release adds support to new document types - RTF, XML, XSLT, MS_EXCEL, CSV, JSON, MD


  • bugfix: KendraRanking: Set endpoint to dualstack by default
  • feature: Location: This release adds support for two new route travel models, Bicycle and Motorcycle which can be used with Grab data source.
  • feature: RDS: This release adds support for configuring allocated storage on the CreateDBInstanceReadReplica, RestoreDBInstanceFromDBSnapshot, and RestoreDBInstanceToPointInTime APIs.


  • feature: ECRPUBLIC: This release for Amazon ECR Public makes several change to bring the SDK into sync with the API.
  • feature: KendraRanking: Introducing Amazon Kendra Intelligent Ranking, a new set of Kendra APIs that leverages Kendra semantic ranking capabilities to improve the quality of search results from other search services (i.e. OpenSearch, ElasticSearch, Solr).
  • feature: NetworkFirewall: Network Firewall now supports the Suricata rule action reject, in addition to the actions pass, drop, and alert.
  • feature: RAM: Enabled FIPS aws-us-gov endpoints in SDK.
  • feature: WorkSpacesWeb: This release adds support for a new portal authentication type: AWS IAM Identity Center (successor to AWS Single Sign-On).