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tracker1 commented Dec 5, 2012

Would be nice to be able to pass a buffer, or stream in addition to a base-64 encoded string. Since these are the typical interfaces for dealing with binary data in Node.js

reconbot commented Dec 5, 2012


Rob-ot commented Dec 5, 2012



This is a known omission at this point. We will definitely be adding proper support for working with binary data.


Absolutely appreciated... I know supporting a Buffer should be simple enough, and wrapping a stream interface could be a bit more of a pain.

deanmao commented Dec 27, 2012

Ok cool. so it has nothing to do with my code then... I naively assumed I could download files with their s3 library. But there's some weird utf-conversion issue.

vanb commented Dec 27, 2012


deanmao commented Dec 28, 2012

I hacked in buffer support in my fork, only because I really needed it, but the code may not be very DRY:


However, it works... at least I can now download files from S3 and write to disk without having a weird utf-8 conversion screwing up all the bytes.

I could do a pull request, but maybe the library authors prefer the body-as-buffer to be set via a method parameter option instead?

Actually, shouldn't the body always be a buffer until we know we need to convert it to a string? I feel like that whole method could just be done a lot better...


@trevorrowe Thank you. Looking forward for this feature.

@lsegal lsegal pushed a commit that closed this issue Jan 4, 2013
Loren Segal Support Buffer & Stream payloads in REST services
The "Body" payload property of REST-based services (like Amazon S3)
will now return Buffer objects instead of Strings, which allows for
the downloading of binary data:

s3.client.getObject({Bucket:'foo',Key:'bar'}, function(err, data) {
  console.log(data.Body); // data.Body is now a Buffer object

In addition, you can now assign a readable Stream object to the
Body payload:

// Read the body from a stream
var writeParams = {Bucket:'bucket',Key:'image.jpg',Body:stream};
var stream = fs.createReadStream('/path/to/image.jpg');
s3.client.putObject(writeParams, function() {
  // Write the body Buffer object to a file
  var readParams = {Bucket:'bucket',Key:'image.jpg'};
  s3.client.getObject(readParams, function(err, data) {
    var out = fs.createWriteStream('/path/to/image2.jpg');


Fixes #3
@lsegal lsegal closed this in e0743f1 Jan 4, 2013

Would you be updating the package manager with the latest changes? Thanks in advance.

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