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NextKeyMarker missing in S3.listObjects response #53

gramakri opened this Issue · 5 comments

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@gramakri should provide a NextKeyMarker property when IsTruncated is true. There is no such property in the result.


The issue appears to be the documentation is incorrect. listObjects will not actually return a netKeyMarker. When the response is truncated, then you will have to grab the key from the last returned contents entry:

nextKeyMarker = data.Contents[data.Contents.length - 1]

I will update the documentation. Lets leave this issue open until the doc changes have been made. Thank you for reporting this issue.

@lsegal lsegal closed this in b2fcfea

nextKeyMarker = data.Contents[data.Contents.length - 1].Key i guess


The documentation still has not been updated,!AWS/S3.html. Still says a NextMarker property should be returned, but it is not.

@lsegal lsegal reopened this

The previous fix to this was a manual change to our local docs that were (at the time) hardcoded in the SDK. We've since moved to pulling docs directly from an upstream source, and it looks like the docs have not been fixed there. I will re-open this and make sure this is fixed upstream.


I am going to close this since the docs have been updated to indicate that NextMarker may not always be present, in which case the last key should be used.

@lsegal lsegal closed this
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