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ec2.client.runInstances cannot parse "UserData" correctly #81

inspiredjw opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I have tried

base64 encoded UserData


String UserData.

None of them worked.

I used to use Java SDK with userdata-file option.

So I wish to use that rather than pass UserData as a String.

But I cannot find that param in AWS-SDK-js.


Can you provide an example of the code you provided and the error message? UserData should be a documented parameter of the runInstances method, see

It must be base64 encoded as per the documentation on EC2 (, but it seems this information is omitted from our API docs. This can be corrected.


FYI I've updated SDK documentation for the UserData parameter to notify users that the value should be Base64-encoded. This update will go out with our next release. Thanks for reporting this!

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