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Download the Unity Package

You can directly download the Unity Packages build here

Supported Services

At the moment Unity Solution only supports the following services

Supported Unity Version

With this release we are only supporting Unity versions > 4.6

Supported Platforms

The AWS SDK for .NET (Unity) is currently only supported on Android, iOS and on Standalone platforms.

Unity SDK Fundamentals

There are only a few fundamentals that are helpful to know when developing against the AWS SDK for .NET on Unity

  • To enable logging you need to create a config file called awsconfig.xml in a Resources directory add add the following

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      		logMetricsFormat="JSON" />

You can also do this configuration in a script

	var loggingConfig = AWSConfigs.LoggingConfig;
	loggingConfig.LogTo = LoggingOptions.UnityLogger;
	loggingConfig.LogMetrics = true;
	loggingConfig.LogResponses = ResponseLoggingOption.Always;
	loggingConfig.LogResponsesSizeLimit = 4096;
	loggingConfig.LogMetricsFormat = LogMetricsFormatOption.JSON;
  • To Build the SDK from the AWSSDK.Unity.sln solution file you will need Unity 5 installed in the standard location (we reference the UnityEngine runtime from standard installation location)

  • The SDK uses reflection for platform specific components. In case of IL2CPP since strip bytecode is always enabled on iOS you need to have a link.xml in your assembly root with the following entries

      	<!-- if you are using AWSConfigs.HttpClient.UnityWebRequest option-->
      <assembly fullname="UnityEngine">
      	<type fullname="UnityEngine.Networking.UnityWebRequest" preserve="all" />
      	<type fullname="UnityEngine.Networking.UploadHandlerRaw" preserve="all" />
      	<type fullname="UnityEngine.Networking.UploadHandler" preserve="all" />
      	<type fullname="UnityEngine.Networking.DownloadHandler" preserve="all" />
      	<type fullname="UnityEngine.Networking.DownloadHandlerBuffer" preserve="all" />
      <assembly fullname="mscorlib">
      	<namespace fullname="System.Security.Cryptography" preserve="all"/>
      <assembly fullname="System">
      	<namespace fullname="System.Security.Cryptography" preserve="all"/>
      <assembly fullname="AWSSDK.Core" preserve="all">
      	<namespace fullname="Amazon.Util.Internal.PlatformServices" preserve="all"/>
      <assembly fullname="AWSSDK.CognitoIdentity" preserve="all"/>
      <assembly fullname="AWSSDK.SecurityToken" preserve="all"/>
      add more services that you need here...