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Contributing to the AWS SDK for PHP

We work hard to provide a high-quality and useful SDK for our AWS services, and we greatly value feedback and contributions from our community. Please submit your issues or pull requests through GitHub.

Things to keep in mind

  1. The SDK is released under the Apache license. Any code you submit will be released under that license. For substantial contributions, we may ask you to sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA).
  2. We follow all of the relevant PSR recommendations from the PHP Framework Interop Group. Please submit code that follows these standards. The PHP CS Fixer tool can be helpful for formatting your code.
  3. We maintain a high percentage of code coverage in our unit tests. If you make changes to the code, please add, update, and/or remove tests as appropriate.
  4. We may choose not to accept pull requests that change files in the src/data directory, since we generate these files based on our internal knowledge of the AWS services. Please check in with us ahead of time if you find a mistake or missing feature that would affect those files.
  5. If your code does not conform to the PSR standards, does not include adequate tests, or does not contain a changelog document, we may ask you to update your pull requests before we accept them. We also reserve the right to deny any pull requests that do not align with our standards or goals.
  6. If you would like to implement support for a significant feature that is not yet available in the SDK, please talk to us beforehand to avoid any duplication of effort.
  7. We greatly appreciate contributions to our User Guide. The docs are written as a Sphinx website formatted with reStructuredText (very similar to Markdown). The User Guide is located in the docs directory of this repository. Please see the docs README for more information about how to build the User Guide.
  8. If you are working on the SDK, make sure to check out the Makefile for some of the common tasks that we have to do.

Changelog Documents

A changelog document is a small JSON blob placed in the .changes/nextrelease folder. It should be named a clearly and uniquely, akin to a branch name. It consists of a type, category, and description as follows:

        "type": "feature|enhancement|bugfix",
        "category": "Target of Update",
        "description": "English language simple description of your update."

Changelog Types

  • feature - For major additive features, internal changes that have outward impact, or updates to the SDK foundations. This will result in a minor version change.
  • enhancement - For minor additive features or incremental sized changes. This will result in a patch version change.
  • bugfix - For updates to guides and documentation files only. This will result in a patch version change.

Changelog Categories

A changelog document's category field should correspond to a Service subfolder of the src directory. If your update is for core components of the SDK, the category field should exist with the value set to an empty string "".