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Releases: aws/aws-sdk-php

Version 3.281.11

20 Sep 19:23
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  • Aws\AppRunner - This release adds improvements for managing App Runner auto scaling configuration resources. New APIs: UpdateDefaultAutoScalingConfiguration and ListServicesForAutoScalingConfiguration. Updated API: DeleteAutoScalingConfiguration.
  • Aws\CodeArtifact - Add support for the Swift package format.
  • Aws\CloudWatchLogs - Add ClientToken to QueryDefinition CFN Handler in CWL
  • Aws\KinesisVideo - Updated DescribeMediaStorageConfiguration, StartEdgeConfigurationUpdate, ImageGenerationConfiguration$SamplingInterval, and UpdateMediaStorageConfiguration to match AWS Docs.
  • Aws\S3 - Fix an issue where the SDK can fail to unmarshall response due to NumberFormatException
  • Aws\ServiceDiscovery - Adds a new DiscoverInstancesRevision API and also adds InstanceRevision field to the DiscoverInstances API response.
  • Aws\SSOOIDC - Update FIPS endpoints in aws-us-gov.
  • Aws\AppConfig - Enabling boto3 paginators for list APIs and adding documentation around ServiceQuotaExceededException errors

Version 3.281.10

19 Sep 18:44
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  • Aws\Outposts - This release adds the InstanceFamilies field to the ListAssets response.
  • Aws\EC2 - This release adds support for C7i, and R7a instance types.
  • Aws\SageMaker - This release adds support for one-time model monitoring schedules that are executed immediately without delay, explicit data analysis windows for model monitoring schedules and exclude features attributes to remove features from model monitor analysis.

Version 3.281.9

18 Sep 18:27
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  • Aws\WorkMail - This release includes four new APIs UpdateUser, UpdateGroup, ListGroupsForEntity and DescribeEntity, along with RemoteUsers and some enhancements to existing APIs.
  • Aws\ApplicationDiscoveryService - Add sensitive protection for customer information
  • Aws\Macie2 - This release changes the default managedDataIdentifierSelector setting for new classification jobs to RECOMMENDED. By default, new classification jobs now use the recommended set of managed data identifiers.

Version 3.281.8

15 Sep 18:57
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  • Aws\SageMaker - This release introduces Skip Model Validation for Model Packages
  • Aws\Connect - New rule type (OnMetricDataUpdate) has been added
  • Aws\AppStream - This release introduces app block builder, allowing customers to provision a resource to package applications into an app block
  • Aws\DataSync - Documentation-only updates for AWS DataSync.

Version 3.281.7

14 Sep 18:13
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  • Aws\AppStream - This release introduces multi-session fleets, allowing customers to provision more than one user session on a single fleet instance.
  • Aws\CloudFormation - Documentation updates for AWS CloudFormation
  • Aws\EntityResolution - Changed "ResolutionTechniques" and "MappedInputFields" in workflow and schema mapping operations to be required fields.
  • Aws\LookoutEquipment - This release adds APIs for the new scheduled retraining feature.

Version 3.281.6

13 Sep 18:14
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  • Aws\Cloud9 - Update to include information on Ubuntu 18 deprecation.
  • Aws\IVSRealTime - Doc only update that changes description for ParticipantToken.
  • Aws\drs - Updated existing APIs and added new ones to support using AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery post-launch actions. Added support for new regions.
  • Aws\SimSpaceWeaver - Edited the introductory text for the API reference.
  • Aws\GuardDuty - Add managementType field to ListCoverage API response.
  • Aws\XRay - Add StartTime field in GetTraceSummaries API response for each TraceSummary.
  • Aws\InternetMonitor - This release updates the Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor API domain name.
  • Aws\Firehose - DocumentIdOptions has been added for the Amazon OpenSearch destination.

Version 3.281.5

12 Sep 18:20
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  • Aws\EventBridge - Adds sensitive trait to various shapes in Jetstream Connections API model.
  • Aws\EC2 - This release adds support for restricting public sharing of AMIs through AMI Block Public Access
  • Aws\kendra - Amazon Kendra now supports confidence score buckets for retrieved passage results using the Retrieve API.

Version 3.281.4

11 Sep 18:14
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  • Aws\QuickSight - This release launches new updates to QuickSight KPI visuals - support for sparklines, new templated layout and new targets for conditional formatting rules.
  • Aws\ECR - This release will have ValidationException be thrown from ECR LifecyclePolicy APIs in regions LifecyclePolicy is not supported, this includes existing Amazon Dedicated Cloud (ADC) regions. This release will also change Tag: TagValue and Tag: TagKey to required.
  • Aws\MediaLive - AWS Elemental Link now supports attaching a Link UHD device to a MediaConnect flow.

Version 3.281.3

08 Sep 18:14
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  • Aws\SageMaker - Autopilot APIs will now support holiday featurization for Timeseries models. The models will now hold holiday metadata and should be able to accommodate holiday effect during inference.
  • Aws\WorkSpaces - A new field "ErrorDetails" will be added to the output of "DescribeWorkspaceImages" API call. This field provides in-depth details about the error occurred during image import process. These details include the possible causes of the errors and troubleshooting information.
  • Aws\FSx - Amazon FSx documentation fixes
  • Aws\SSOAdmin - Content updates to IAM Identity Center API for China Regions.

Version 3.281.2

07 Sep 18:14
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  • Aws\SecurityHub - Documentation updates for AWS Security Hub
  • Aws\Neptunedata - Minor changes to send unsigned requests to Neptune clusters
  • Aws\SimSpaceWeaver - BucketName and ObjectKey are now required for the S3Location data type. BucketName is now required for the S3Destination data type.