Fix nokogiri dependency: demand ~> 1.5.10 instead of < 1.6.0 #361

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The previous nokogiri dependency (< 1.6.0) gave issues in our projects in combination with capybara, possibly due to a dependency resolving bug in Bundler. This has been mentioned in #273, bundler/bundler#2122, and bundler/bundler#2593.

This PR demands version ~> 1.5.10, which is effectively the same as demanding anything < 1.6.0, but after applying this PR our projects can bundle update normally with capybara and aws-sdk in the Gemfile.


awood45 commented Sep 16, 2013

We have managed to reproduce the issue - using your PR change can resolve a particular bundler issue when using our SDK.

We're a bit concerned with forcing all of our users into what is essentially a lock into Nokogiri 1.5.10. Our old dependency was 1.4 or greater, so we may have users still on 1.4 who would be force-upgraded by this change. There have been known issues with specific versions of Nokogiri, so some customers may be broken by a forced upgrade. We are discussing these risks, and alternatives such as a ~> 1.5.0 dependency. Watch this space.

lsegal closed this in 0dff470 Sep 17, 2013


lsegal commented Sep 17, 2013

I think the above commit satisfies all of our concerns in addition to making Bundler work correctly under these version conflict scenarios.

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