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The content of the IoT Atlas
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Bestehorn and gadams999 I io t extraction (#20)
* Initial version of iiot-extraction design

* Architecture picture for iiot-extraction design

* Added terms used in iiot-extraction design

Industry 4.0
Programmable Logic Controller

* Changed name of design

directory name changed
Files moved.

* Text changed to reflect more general design

Added general picture for protocol translation
Changed existing picture to be more specific

* reworked style and stronger separation of concepts

* Added pictures to PPT file

* Minor fixes to protocol-translation text

PV => renewable
Fixed link to example
Server => server
Replaced rendered URL
Code blocks use Python instead of Python2 for syntax highlighting

* Minor fixes

Removed <a name=...> tags
Changed wiki links to general format

* Synopsis file for protocol translation added.

* Adapted to protocol translation pattern.

* Fixed link for Q&A link to gateway design

* Bugfix for ref in links to vocabulary
Latest commit c648120 May 17, 2019

IoT Atlas

This repository contains the content of the IoT Atlas

The IoT Atlas supports your project by explaining the why, what, and who of commonly used, modern IoT designs.

It would be great to have you join us and contribute your ideas for designs, considerations, and examples.

License Summary

The documentation is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. See the LICENSE file.

The sample code within this documentation is made available under a modified MIT license. See the LICENSE-SAMPLECODE file.

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