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Changes for 2 packages (CharlieAgentIntegrationTests, CharlieCookbooks), pushed in snapshot...

Changes for CharlieAgentIntegrationTests package:

fc087a92 Revert "Revert "Add integs for various s3 url formats""

Changes for CharlieCookbooks package:

b85838a Return false if an exception occurs while checking bucket's access control
c976484 Revert "Revert "Remove SigV2 usage for S3 and make sure we get the region for the bucket in the request""


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This repo contains cookbooks used by AWS OpsWorks for Chef versions 11.10, 11.4 and 0.9.

To get started with AWS OpsWorks cookbooks for all versions of Chef see the cookbook documentation.

If you want to override any template (like the Rails database.yml or the Apache vhost definition), this is the place to look for the originals.

Do not reuse built-in cookbook names for custom or community cookbooks. Custom cookbooks that have the same name as built-in cookbooks might fail.

Chef version 12

For Chef 12.2 Windows and Chef 12 Linux there are no built-in cookbooks

Chef versions 11.10, 11.4 and 0.9

These branches contain the cookbooks that are used by official OpsWorks releases:

These branches reflect the upcoming changes for the next release:

The master branch is not used since AWS OpsWorks supports multiple configuration managers.

See also

LICENSE: Unless otherwise stated, cookbooks/recipes originated by Amazon Web Services are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file. Some files are just imported and authored by others. Their license will of course apply.