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Redshift Test Drive


Redshift Test Drive is an amalgamation of Redshift Replay and Node Config. The Redshift Replay consits of Workload Replicator, Replay Analysis and External Object Replicator.


Install the following packages before cloning the repository:
1. Install git

yum install git

2. Install pip3:

yum install pip3

3. Install make:

yum install make


  1. Clone the git repository using the following command:
git clone
cd redshift-test-drive/
  1. Create a virtual environment inside the redshift-test-drive directory
python3 -m venv testDriveEnv
source testDriveEnv/bin/activate
  1. Execute the following command from the root directory to install all the required packages:
cd $REDSHIFT_TEST_DRIVE_ROOT && make setup
  1. Refer to the Table of Content which will point out the different tools and README links of your interest.
  2. Finally after using the utility to run different benchmarks to deactivate virtual environment, run the following

Table of Content

The following table provides links to all tools, locations & READMEs in the repository

Index Tool Description README links
01 Workload Replicator Workload Replicator is an open source tool which helps customers to mimic their workloads on clusters README
02 Replay Analysis Replay Analysis utility enhances auditing in the Workload Replicator process to extract information about the errors that occurred, the validity of the run, and the performance of the replay. This is also a user interface in which customers can choose multiple replays to analyze, validate, and compare using the extracted audit logs. README
03 External Object Replicator External Object Replicator replicates COPY manifest objects, and Spectrum object in the customer cluster README
04 Node Config Node Configuration Comparison utility answers a very common question on which instance type and number of nodes should we choose for your workload on Amazon Redshift. README


Q. I'm experiencing issues with boto3 appearing as ValueError: Invalid endpoint: or something to that effect, how do I fix this?

A. aws configure command is a pre-requisite step for most tools within Test drive. Make sure you run aws configure and configure the default region.

Q. My make commands are failing with make: *** No rule to make target , how do I fix this?

A. Make sure you are in the right directory for execution. Make commands are made possible through the Makefile found in the root directory. If you followed the setup instructions, this is aliased to REDSHIFT_TEST_DRIVE_ROOT in your shell.


See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


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