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Amazon ECR Usage Reports

AWS provides a free reporting tool called Cost Explorer that enables you to analyze the cost and usage of your Amazon ECR resources.

Cost Explorer is a free tool that you can use to view charts of your usage and costs. You can view data from the last 13 months, and forecast how much you are likely to spend for the next three months. You can use Cost Explorer to see patterns in how much you spend on AWS resources over time, identify areas that need further inquiry, and see trends that you can use to understand your costs. You also can specify time ranges for the data, and view time data by day or by month.

The metering data in your Cost & Usage Report shows usage across all of your Amazon ECR repositories. The metering data includes for each repository. The repositories will not have a cost associated with them. You can use the metadata tags to identify the repository. For more information, see Tagging Your Resources for Billing.

For more information about creating an AWS Cost and Usage Report, see AWS Cost and Usage Report in the AWS Billing and Cost Management User Guide.

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