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Information required for human workers to complete a labeling task.


AnnotationConsolidationConfig Configures how labels are consolidated across human workers.
Type: AnnotationConsolidationConfig object
Required: Yes

MaxConcurrentTaskCount Defines the maximum number of data objects that can be labeled by human workers at the same time. Each object may have more than one worker at one time.
Type: Integer
Valid Range: Minimum value of 1. Maximum value of 1000.
Required: No

NumberOfHumanWorkersPerDataObject The number of human workers that will label an object.
Type: Integer
Valid Range: Minimum value of 1. Maximum value of 9.
Required: Yes

PreHumanTaskLambdaArn The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of a Lambda function that is run before a data object is sent to a human worker. Use this function to provide input to a custom labeling job.
For the built-in bounding box, image classification, semantic segmentation, and text classification task types, Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth provides the following Lambda functions:
US East (Northern Virginia) (us-east-1):

  • arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:432418664414:function:PRE-BoundingBox
  • arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:432418664414:function:PRE-ImageMultiClass
  • arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:432418664414:function:PRE-SemanticSegmentation
  • arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:432418664414:function:PRE-TextMultiClass US East (Ohio) (us-east-2):
  • arn:aws:lambda:us-east-2:266458841044:function:PRE-BoundingBox
  • arn:aws:lambda:us-east-2:266458841044:function:PRE-ImageMultiClass
  • arn:aws:lambda:us-east-2:266458841044:function:PRE-SemanticSegmentation
  • arn:aws:lambda:us-east-2:266458841044:function:PRE-TextMultiClass US West (Oregon) (us-west-2):
  • arn:aws:lambda:us-west-2:081040173940:function:PRE-BoundingBox
  • arn:aws:lambda:us-west-2:081040173940:function:PRE-ImageMultiClass
  • arn:aws:lambda:us-west-2:081040173940:function:PRE-SemanticSegmentation
  • arn:aws:lambda:us-west-2:081040173940:function:PRE-TextMultiClass EU (Ireland) (eu-west-1):
  • arn:aws:lambda:eu-west-1:568282634449:function:PRE-BoundingBox
  • arn:aws:lambda:eu-west-1:568282634449:function:PRE-ImageMultiClass
  • arn:aws:lambda:eu-west-1:568282634449:function:PRE-SemanticSegmentation
  • arn:aws:lambda:eu-west-1:568282634449:function:PRE-TextMultiClass Asia Pacific (Tokyo) (ap-northeast-1):
  • arn:aws:lambda:ap-northeast-1:477331159723:function:PRE-BoundingBox
  • arn:aws:lambda:ap-northeast-1:477331159723:function:PRE-ImageMultiClass
  • arn:aws:lambda:ap-northeast-1:477331159723:function:PRE-SemanticSegmentation
  • arn:aws:lambda:ap-northeast-1:477331159723:function:PRE-TextMultiClass Asia Pacific (Sydney) (ap-southeast-1):
  • arn:aws:lambda:ap-southeast-2:454466003867:function:PRE-BoundingBox
  • arn:aws:lambda:ap-southeast-2:454466003867:function:PRE-ImageMultiClass
  • arn:aws:lambda:ap-southeast-2:454466003867:function:PRE-SemanticSegmentation
  • arn:aws:lambda:ap-southeast-2:454466003867:function:PRE-TextMultiClass Type: String
    Length Constraints: Maximum length of 2048.
    Pattern: arn:aws[a-z\-]*:lambda:[a-z]{2}-[a-z]+-\d{1}:\d{12}:function:[a-zA-Z0-9-_\.]+(:(\$LATEST|[a-zA-Z0-9-_]+))?
    Required: Yes

PublicWorkforceTaskPrice The price that you pay for each task performed by a public worker.
Type: PublicWorkforceTaskPrice object
Required: No

TaskAvailabilityLifetimeInSeconds The length of time that a task remains available for labeling by human workers. If you choose the public workforce, the maximum is 12 hours (43200). For private and vendor workforces, the maximum is as listed.
Type: Integer
Valid Range: Minimum value of 1. Maximum value of 864000.
Required: No

TaskDescription A description of the task for your human workers.
Type: String
Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 255.
Pattern: .+
Required: Yes

TaskKeywords Keywords used to describe the task so that workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk can discover the task.
Type: Array of strings
Array Members: Minimum number of 1 item. Maximum number of 5 items.
Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 30.
Pattern: ^[A-Za-z0-9]+( [A-Za-z0-9]+)*$
Required: No

TaskTimeLimitInSeconds The amount of time that a worker has to complete a task.
Type: Integer
Valid Range: Minimum value of 1. Maximum value of 28800.
Required: Yes

TaskTitle A title for the task for your human workers.
Type: String
Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 128.
Pattern: ^[\t\n\r -\uD7FF\uE000-\uFFFD]*$
Required: Yes

UiConfig Information about the user interface that workers use to complete the labeling task.
Type: UiConfig object
Required: Yes

WorkteamArn The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the work team assigned to complete the tasks.
Type: String
Length Constraints: Maximum length of 256.
Pattern: arn:aws[a-z\-]*:sagemaker:[a-z0-9\-]*:[0-9]{12}:workteam/.*
Required: Yes

See Also

For more information about using this API in one of the language-specific AWS SDKs, see the following:

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