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AWS CodeBuild Project LogsConfig

LogsConfig is a property of the AWS::CodeBuild::Project resource that specifies settings for logs generated by an AWS CodeBuild build.


To declare this entity in your AWS CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:


  "[CloudWatchLogs](#cfn-codebuild-project-logsconfig-cloudwatchlogs)" : [*CloudWatchLogs*](,
  "[S3Logs](#cfn-codebuild-project-logsconfig-s3logs)" : [*S3Logs*](


[CloudWatchLogs](#cfn-codebuild-project-logsconfig-cloudwatchlogs): [*CloudWatchLogs*](
[S3Logs](#cfn-codebuild-project-logsconfig-s3logs): [*S3Logs*](


CloudWatchLogs Information about CloudWatch Logs for a build project.
Required: No
Type: CloudWatchLogs
Update requires: No interruption

S3Logs Information about logs built to an S3 bucket for a build project.
Required: No
Type: S3Logs
Update requires: No interruption

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