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AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition MountPoint

The MountPoint property specifies details on a volume mount point that is used in a container definition.


To declare this entity in your AWS CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:


  "[ContainerPath](#cfn-ecs-taskdefinition-containerdefinition-mountpoints-containerpath)" : String,
  "[ReadOnly](#cfn-ecs-taskdefinition-containerdefinition-mountpoints-readonly)" : Boolean,
  "[SourceVolume](#cfn-ecs-taskdefinition-containerdefinition-mountpoints-sourcevolume)" : String


  [ContainerPath](#cfn-ecs-taskdefinition-containerdefinition-mountpoints-containerpath): String
  [ReadOnly](#cfn-ecs-taskdefinition-containerdefinition-mountpoints-readonly): Boolean
  [SourceVolume](#cfn-ecs-taskdefinition-containerdefinition-mountpoints-sourcevolume): String


ContainerPath The path on the container to mount the host volume at.
Required: No
Type: String
Update requires: Replacement

ReadOnly If this value is true, the container has read-only access to the volume. If this value is false, then the container can write to the volume. The default value is false.
Required: No
Type: Boolean
Update requires: Replacement

SourceVolume The name of the volume to mount. Must be a volume name referenced in the name parameter of task definition volume.
Required: No
Type: String
Update requires: Replacement

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