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AWS::OpsWorks::App EnvironmentVariable

Represents an app's environment variable.


To declare this entity in your AWS CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:


  "[Key](#cfn-opsworks-app-environment-key)" : String,
  "[Secure](#cfn-opsworks-app-environment-secure)" : Boolean,
  "[Value](#value)" : String


  [Key](#cfn-opsworks-app-environment-key): String
  [Secure](#cfn-opsworks-app-environment-secure): Boolean
  [Value](#value): String


Key (Required) The environment variable's name, which can consist of up to 64 characters and must be specified. The name can contain upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores (_), but it must start with a letter or underscore.
Required: Yes
Type: String
Update requires: No interruption

Secure (Optional) Whether the variable's value will be returned by the DescribeApps action. To conceal an environment variable's value, set Secure to true. DescribeApps then returns *****FILTERED***** instead of the actual value. The default value for Secure is false.
Required: No
Type: Boolean
Update requires: No interruption

Value (Optional) The environment variable's value, which can be left empty. If you specify a value, it can contain up to 256 characters, which must all be printable.
Required: Yes
Type: String
Update requires: No interruption

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