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AWS SDK for PHP examples

These are examples for the AWS SDK for PHP public documentation.


To build and run these examples, you'll need:

  • PHP
  • AWS SDK for PHP downloaded and extracted somewhere on your machine
  • AWS credentials in a shared credentials file

Running the examples

Examples are written for either execution on PHP Linux Server, usually depending on the use case for each.

To run the examples, you'll need to create a shared credentials file. For more information about how to set up a shared credentials file, see Loading Credentials in from the Shared Credentials File in the AWS SDK for PHP Developer Guide.

SDK Downloads

You can download the current AWS SDK for PHP with Composer via Packagist under the aws/aws-sdk-php package.

Please see the Installation section of the AWS SDK for PHP User Guide for more detailed information about installing the SDK through Composer and other means.


You can find detailed documentation for the AWS SDK for PHP at: