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AWS Lambda Sample: Scheduled Lambda

The Scheduled Lambda example demonstrates how an AWS Lambda function can be invoked automatically based on a time schedule.

Repository files

  • : Main program source file
  • : AWS Lambda function that is invoked on a time schedule
  • : Utility functions to manage AWS Lambda functions

AWS infrastructure resources

  • AWS Lambda function
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role for the AWS Lambda function
  • Amazon EventBridge/Amazon CloudWatch Events rule that invokes the Lambda function based on a schedule



To create and enable the Scheduled Lambda infrastructure:


To toggle (enable/disable) the Scheduled Lambda event rule:

python -t
python --toggle

To delete the Scheduled Lambda infrastructure:

python -d
python --delete

By default, the defined EventBridge/CloudWatch Events rule is enabled and scheduled to invoke the Lambda function every minute.

To verify that the EventBridge/CloudWatch Events rule is invoking the Lambda function, use the AWS console to check the CloudWatch log files. The Lambda function writes event data to a log file each time it is executed. If the log files are not being created or updated, verify that the EventBridge/CloudWatch Events rule is enabled.

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