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Summary of Step 1 Access Requirements

The following table shows all the types of permissions that you might need to assign to users.

Feature Corresponding Service in IAM Tasks Actions to Include in the Policy
MediaLive Features MediaLive Create, modify, and delete channels, inputs, and input security groups One or more List operationsOne or more Read operationsOne or more Write operations
MediaLive View channels, inputs, and input security groups One or more List operationsOne or more Read operations
MediaLive Run channels StartChannelStopChannel
MediaLive Create, modify, delete, and view offerings and reservations DeleteReservation DescribeOffering DescribeReservation ListOfferings ListReservations PurchaseOffering
MediaLive Attach tags when creating a resource CreateTagsDeleteTags``ListTagsForResources
Monitoring Channel Health CloudWatch ListMetrics GetMetricData GetMetricStatistics
Setting Up Events CloudWatch Events All actionsThe managed policy CloudWatchEventsFullAccess provides these permissions
Setting Up Channel Logging Amazon CloudWatch Logs View logs FilterLogEventsGetLogEvents
Set retention policy DeleteRetentionPolicyPutRetentionPolicy
Creating a VPC input EC2 View the VPC subnets and VPC security groups on the MediaLive console DescribeSubnetsDescribeSecurityGroups
Simple Option for the Trusted Entity Role IAM Create the MediaLiveAccessRole CreateRole PutRolePolicy AttachRolePolicy
Choose the MediaLiveAccessRole ListRole PassRole
Update the MediaLiveAccessRole GetRolePolicy PutRolePolicy AttachRolePolicy
Setting Up Email Notification Amazon SNS All actionsThe managed policy AmazonSNSFullAccess provides these permissions
AWS Systems Manager Systems Manager Create a password parameter using the MediaLive console or the AWS Systems Manager console DeleteParameter DeleteParameters DescribeParameters GetParameter GetParameterHistory GetParameters GetParametersByPath PutParameter
Systems Manager Choose a password parameter from the dropdown list on the MediaLive console DescribeParameters
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