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Create and Package the Lambda Function

  1. Download the Lambda function code to your computer (not the Greengrass core device), as follows:

    1. In a web browser, open the file on GitHub.

    2. Choose Raw to open the unformatted version of the file.
      [GitHub controls with the Raw button highlighted.]

    3. Use Ctrl + S (or Command + S for the Mac) to save a copy of the file. Save the file to a folder that contains the greengrasssdk folder. Note
      For UNIX-like systems, you can run the following Terminal command to download the file:

    sudo wget
  2. Package the file with the SDK into a .zip file, as described in Module 3 (Part 1). Name the package
    [Screenshot showing zipped contents of]

  3. In the Lambda console, create a Python 2.7 function named Greengrass_HelloWorld_Counter, as described in Module 3 (Part 1). You can use the existing role.

  4. Upload your Lambda function deployment package, as follows:

    1. On the Configuration tab, under Function code, set the following fields:

      • Code entry type - choose Upload a .ZIP file.
      • Runtime - choose Python 2.7.
      • Handler - type greengrassHelloWorldCounter.function_handler.
    2. Choose Upload, and then choose
      [Function code screenshot with Code entry type set to Upload a .ZIP file, Runtime set to Python 2.7, Handler set to greengrassHelloWorldCounter.function_handler, and Function package set to]

    3. At the top of the page, choose Save.

  5. Publish the first version of the function, as follows:

    1. From the Actions menu, choose Publish new version. For Version description, type First version.

    2. Choose Publish.

  6. Create an alias for the function version, as follows:

    1. From the Actions menu, choose Create alias, and set the following values:

      • Name - type GG_HW_Counter.
      • Version - choose 1.
    2. Choose Create.
      [Create a new alias screenshot with the Name field set to GG_HW_Counter, the Version field set to 1, and the Create button highlighted.]

    Recall that aliases create a single entity for your Lambda function that AWS Greengrass devices can subscribe to without having to update subscriptions with Lambda version numbers every time the function is modified.