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Additional Resources

Home Page for AWS SDK for .NET

For more information about the |sdk-net|, go to the home page for the SDK at

SDK Reference Documentation

The SDK reference documentation includes the ability to browse and search across all code included with the SDK. It provides thorough documentation, usage examples, and even the ability to browse method source. For more information, see the |sdk-net-ref|_.

AWS Forums

Visit the AWS forums to ask questions or provide feedback about AWS. Each documentation page has a :guilabel:`Go to the forums` button at the top of the page that takes you to the associated forum. AWS engineers monitor the forums and respond to questions, feedback, and issues. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds for any of the forums.

AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio

If you use the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, you should check out the |TVS-ug|_.

Helpful Libraries, Extensions and Tools

Visit aws/dotnet on Github for links to libraries, tools, and resources you can use to help build .NET applications and services on AWS.

Here are some highlights from the repo:

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