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Send events via GraphQL to AWS Event Bridge
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Send events via GraphQL to Amazon Event Bridge:

AppSync GraphQL API -> Amazon Event Bridge -> AWS Lambda



To build this app, you need run the following commands from the root folder:

npm install -g aws-cdk
npm install
npm run build

This will install the necessary CDK, then this example's dependencies, and then build your TypeScript files and your CloudFormation template.


Run cdk deploy. This will deploy / redeploy your Stack to your AWS Account.

After the deployment you will see the API's URL, which represents the url you can then use.

Synthesize Cloudformation Template

To see the Cloudformation template generated by the CDK, run cdk synth, then check the output file in the "cdk.out" directory.

The Component Structure

This Stack contains:

  • a GraphQL API with an API Key (Use with caution, each key is only valid for 7 days.)
  • a GraphQL Schema with a Mutation that sends an event to Event Bridge
  • an IAM Role that allows AppSync to send events to your Event Bus
  • an AppSync DataSource, connecting your API to Event Bridge using a HTTP Resolver
  • an AppSync Resolver for a Mutation putEvent that sends a custom event to Event Bridge
  • an Event Rule that listens for the custom event comming from AppSync and triggers a Lambda function in response to the event
  • a Lambda function that just prints out the event, you can confirm it's triggered by the Event Bridge's rule by checking the logs on CloudWatch.
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