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glue-neptune is a Python library for AWS Glue that helps writing data to Amazon Neptune from Glue jobs.

With glue-neptune you can:

  • Get Neptune connection information from the Glue Data Catalog
  • Create label and node and edge ID columns in DynamicFrames, named in accordance with the Neptune CSV bulk load format for property graphs
  • Write from DynamicFrames directly to Neptune



This creates a zip file: target/ Copy this zip file to an S3 bucket.

You can then refer to this library from your Glue Development Endpoint or Glue job. See Using Python Libraries with AWS Glue.


See Migrating from MySQL to Amazon Neptune using AWS Glue.

Cross Account/Region Datasources

If you have a datasource in a different region and/or different account from Glue and your Neptune database, you can follow the instructions in this blog to allow access.

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