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Find file Copy path
@ericfe ericfe Comments 5c8f117 Feb 16, 2015
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Purpose: Return commit queue statistics from past 2 days, showing largest queue length and queue time first
startqueue: Time when the queueing started
node: Node where the queue started. Usually -1 (leader). A number between 0 and # nodes might indicate a issue with a node
queue_time: Queue time in miliseconds
commit_time: Commit time in miliseconds
queuelen: Number of transactions in the queue
2015-02-09 ericfe created
select startqueue,node, datediff(ms,startqueue,startwork) as queue_time, datediff(ms, startwork, endtime) as commit_time, queuelen
from stl_commit_stats
where startqueue >= dateadd(day, -2, current_Date)
order by queuelen desc , queue_time desc;
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