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Amazon SQS Extended Client Library for Java

The Amazon SQS Extended Client Library for Java enables you to manage Amazon SQS message payloads with Amazon S3. This is especially useful for storing and retrieving messages with a message payload size greater than the current SQS limit of 256 KB, up to a maximum of 2 GB. Specifically, you can use this library to:

  • Specify whether message payloads are always stored in Amazon S3 or only when a message's size exceeds 256 KB.

  • Send a message that references a single message object stored in an Amazon S3 bucket.

  • Get the corresponding message object from an Amazon S3 bucket.

  • Delete the corresponding message object from an Amazon S3 bucket.

You can download release builds through the releases section of this project.

For more information on using the amazon-sqs-java-extended-client-lib, see our getting started guide here.

Getting Started

  • Sign up for AWS -- Before you begin, you need an AWS account. For more information about creating an AWS account and retrieving your AWS credentials, see AWS Account and Credentials in the AWS SDK for Java Developer Guide.
  • Sign up for Amazon SQS -- Go to the Amazon SQS console to sign up for the service.
  • Minimum requirements -- To use the sample application, you'll need Java 7 (or later) and Maven 3. For more information about the requirements, see the Getting Started section of the Amazon SQS Developer Guide.
  • Download -- Download the latest preview release or pick it up from Maven:

Version 2.x


Version 1.x



  • Give us feedback here.
  • If you'd like to contribute a new feature or bug fix, we'd love to see Github pull requests from you.