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eladb feat: construct base class changes (breaking) (#1444)
- Rename "parent" to "scope" in all construct initializers and imports (fixes #1431)
- Group all members (besides `validate`) under a `node` property so they don't pollute the surface area of derived classes (fixes #1441)
- Define `IConstruct` and have all `IXxx` extend it
- Normalize construct ID to `id` across the board (fixes #189)

BREAKING CHANGE: Multiple breaking changes:

  - All the APIs of `cdk.Construct` are now available under `construct.node` (e.g. instead of `construct.path` use `construct.node.path`. See #1441 for details.
  - Construct `parent` was renamed to `scope`. See #1431 for more details.
  - First argument of `codepipeline.CrossRegionScaffoldStack` is now required.
  - `IPipeline.uniqueId` removed and can now be accessed via `pipeline.node.uniqueId`.
Latest commit fb22a32 Jan 3, 2019
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typescript feat: construct base class changes (breaking) (#1444) Jan 3, 2019
info.json BREAKING CHANGE: Move and rename packages to @aws-cdk/* scope Jun 12, 2018